Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why is the text on movie advertisements hard to read?

Why do movie studios make the text listing all the key personnel so hard to read in movie advertisements?

Why do they all use the same font?

The text is so hard to read, we clearly aren't meant to read it all.
It isn't just a matter of space, since it would be easier to read if the font were shorter and took up less space.
Some advertisements dispense with the list of all the names altogether, which seems to make more sense if we aren't meant to read the text.

My guess is that there is an industry standard contract in which certain top people on a movie get a guarantee to be listed, and the font type and font size is specified.

By now, the whole block of text with the tall font seems to be a symbol that says, "This is an advertisement for a movie."

The text and font are uniform across the various studios:

From Innovation Bootcamp

From Innovation Bootcamp

From Innovation Bootcamp

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