Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The dye in M&Ms is making my kid hyperactive!

In yesterday's Wall Street Journal, the article "Food Dyes Scrutinized by the FDA" reports:

A Food and Drug Administration panel plans to meet this week to consider the potential link between hyperactivity in children and artificial dyes found in common foods such as candy, waffles and salad dressing. 
The FDA is reconsidering its long-held position that the dyes pose no risk to children or anyone else. Artificial food dyes with names like Yellow 5 have long been targeted by some scientists and consumer advocates concerned that they could cause hyperactivity in children.

An example of our society's tendency to look for the obscure cause instead of the obvious.

So a kid eats a bag of M&Ms and is acting hyperactive?  And we are investigating the artificial dyes?  How about recognizing that the kid just ate a bagful of sugar?  Maybe that has something to do with it.

Worrying about the dyes seems to totally miss the point.  It is like a Titanic passenger complaining about the temperature of the bathwater as the ship is sinking.  The issue is a lot bigger than dyes.

The answer is not in coming up with an organic, natural dye.  The answer is to start eating real food instead of processed, food-like objects.

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