Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hint when presenting Powerpoint slides

When doing an overhead presentation of Powerpoint slides to an audience, here are two useful tricks:

1) If you want to make the slides disappear and the screen go dark, just press the period on your keyboard.  Then, to make the slides reappear, press any other key.  This is useful when you want the audience to pay attention to you and not whatever slide happens to be showing.

2) It is very annoying to you and the audience when someone asks a question about some earlier slide and you spend a minute backing through all the material you've shown so far.  Instead, when in Slideshow view, if you type the number of the desired slide and then hit Enter, you jump to that slide.  If you don't memorize the slide numbers of all your slides, print then out 9 or 16 to a page and write the numbers legibly by hand.

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