Friday, March 4, 2011

Gary's Two Hyundai Theory of Wealth

My friend Gary Negbaur shared with me his Two Hyundai Theory of
Wealth, and he was gracious enough to allow me to share it here.

Gary's story:
"Right after college I was driving a Hyundai. Not a great car, I know, but hey - it got me around, and it was cheap. It was scratched up with dents and nicks, but so what? It got me from A to B.

One time I went out for coffee with one of my former professors, and he picked me up in his car, a new two-seater BWM. As he was driving and parking that car,

he was so incredibly stressed out about getting it scratched. I was thinking - does he own this BWM, or does the BWM own him?

This led me to develop my Two Hyundai Theory of Wealth:
If I were rich, a multi-millionaire, let’s say, I wouldn't go out and buy the most expensive car I could afford. What's the point of that? Then, I’m going to have to worry about it getting scratched or stolen. It would be a source of stress. Instead, I'd go out and buy a second Hyundai.

Because if I own two Hyundais, then I’ve really got nothing to worry about. If I wreck one of them or if it’s stolen or breaks down…no problem, I've got another one at home.

What's the advantage of having more money if it just leads to more things that stress you out? For me, the whole point of wealth is to make your life less stressful. So, buy yourself two Hyundais."

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