Friday, January 21, 2011

Who knew? Rubber bands have standard sizes

Until I saw this bag at Staples, I never thought of rubber bands as having standard sizes. Indeed, it isn't something I've ever actually thought about.

You need a rubber band? You just dig through the pile of assorted rubber bands in your drawer until you find one that seems like the right size.

Of course it makes sense that rubber bands have standard sizes, and of course untold numbers of purchasing clerks must be well aware of the sizes and have their minimum stock levels for their #10s, #12s, #14s, and so forth.

So while this isn't news, it was a new discovery for me. And that kind of personal discovery can be just as much fun to make. Suddenly the world seems a bit more orderly. I'm walking around wondering what else is standardized without my being aware of it.

From Career Bootcamp

A helpful chart on Wikipedia provides the length, width, and thickness of rubber band sizes from #10 to #117.

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