Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A replacement for membership cards

Here's an iPhone app I'd like to see: take the place of all the membership cards in my wallet.

I'd like to open the app and select a category from the list (e.g., Hotels, Airlines, Car Rental, Museums, Libraries, Other)

Then under airlines I could scroll through all the airlines where I have a frequent flier card, and an image of my card would pop up.

I already stopped carrying the membership cards for airlines, hotels, and car rental long ago. I just record the frequent flier number in Outlook Contacts which syncs to my phone. But at museums and especially libraries they want to see the actual card, so I still carry some of those.

I suppose I could accomplish the same deal by taking photos of the cards and attaching those photos to the contact in Outlook, but that would be a big hassle. Much better if there were an app where I could enter my membership numbers and it would pull from a website an image of my loyalty card. Even better if it can tell me how many miles I currently have.

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