Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What is this thing?

As part of my determination to observe my environment more closely, I noticed this object on the wall of a building where I'm working. I've passed by these before, and always wondered what they are. It looks like a light switch, but without the switches.

From Career Bootcamp

I found the maintenance guys, who laughed and told me that it is a light switch. This type of light switch is used when building owners don't want any passers-by to be able to turn off or on the lights. You need a special key that you insert and then you toggle the switch like a regular light switch. Here is an example of a key:

From Career Bootcamp

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  1. Very interesting. I think there is a great insight here. Truly, nothing is more invisible to us than that which we choose ignore (consciously or not). This could be things in our environment others, peoples body language, assumptions made about decisions, etc.

    My eight month old son ignores very little. Everything around him is a new experience that he pursues vigorously. I wander what would happen if I did the adult version of that ?


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