Thursday, January 20, 2011

Find a place to stay / list your place with Airbnb

In an interesting article titled "What We Look For in Founders," Paul Graham mentions a startup that Y Combinator funded called Airbnb. It looks very similar to, except with Airbnb it is free to list your property; they charge a 3% processing fee of your rental fee.

A quick looks at Airbnb shows that they have a deep portfolio of rooms and apartments for rent in New York City. And they claim that they have apartments for rent in 8249 cities (and counting.)

I had a good experience using HomeExchange to find a place when we went to Cartagena in 2010, and I'll certainly check out Airbnb next time I travel on vacation. The site looks straightforward and easy-to-use, with lots of pictures of the properties and a well-designed interface.

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