Friday, February 11, 2011

New to the universe or just new to me

There are two types of new:
1) New to the universe - no one has ever figured this out before
2) New to me - I figured it out but plenty of other people know it already

#1 has the potential to be much more financially rewarding than #2.

But the both provide about the same level of thrill of discovery.


The two front burners on our gas stove mysteriously stopped working. The back two burners worked fine. On the front, you could turn on the gas, but the flame wouldn't start. So it could not have been a lack of gas.

Taking the top pieces off, I found a puddle of water in the ring where the gas comes through. A pot must have boiled over. Dried up the water and the front burner worked just fine.

Not too exciting for anyone else, perhaps, but it was satisfying to solve the puzzle.

From Innovation Bootcamp

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