Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bad stovetop design

Yesterday I wrote about the front burners of the stove, so while we're on the topic, wanted to share this example of terrible design.

Here are the controls for the oven of my stove (which I didn't buy):

From Innovation Bootcamp

If you happen to be cooking anything on the back left burner, the steam off of your pot heats the surface of these controls to about 212F. So if you have the oven on and want to then turn it off, you burn your finger.

The controls are flush with the surface (which does allow you to wipe it off easily granted.) The downside of that is that they require you to actually touch them with your finger. If you try to wrap your finger with a towel to touch the button, nothing happens.

Did anyone try to cook with this stove before they started selling it?

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