Friday, February 25, 2011

Fingerprint scanner for your boarding pass

The boarding pass kiosks at the Delta terminal at La Guardia have fingerprint scanners, but at least right now they don't seem to have been activated.

From Innovation Bootcamp

A quick Google search turns up a variety of mentions of fingerprint scanners being used in airport security.

There are Kaba Physical Access Systems and Global Systems, for example.

I can imagine a whole variety of problems with fingerprint scanning: what happens if I've cut my finger and I'm wearing a band-aid? What if I've been doing some carpentry and my fingerprints have been worn down?

A blog post from December 2006 discusses airport security using biometrics, and it seems that Delta has purchased fingerprint scanners with that capability. Wonder when we'll start scanning our iris or fingerprint to get on a plane.

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