Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Give your computer a tune-up for $30

I make sure my Norton Anti-virus is up-to-date, and I install the new Windows updates as they arrive, but still, a few pieces of grit get in works and it is time to give it a cleanup. I'll notice the computer starting to act sluggish, or it will shut down for no reason. Back in a corporate environment, I had the professional IT guys to take care of this. But now running my own small business, I don't have that internal support.

Which is why I was so pleased to get referred to iMedia Solutions by another consultant who runs her own firm.

They work remotely, and can log in to my computer over the Internet and fix the random registry errors and remove the malware that slips by Norton Antivirus.

If there isn't major problems, they do this scan and fix everything for $30. If there is more of a major overhaul required, their rates are still quite reasonable.

Could I do this myself? Perhaps - but given the very reasonable rates that they offer, I'm happy to have them to the job.

Anyone who doesn't have the backing of a corporate IT department ought to find a computer guru like this. Ask around for recommendations: I certainly have had great experience with iMedia Solutions. Here is their contact info:

iMedia Solutions

(617) 299-9694

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