Friday, February 4, 2011

Is there an art supply store nearby?

How should you respond if someone asks, "Is there an art supply store nearby?"

A couple options are:

1. Sure - there is a Pearl Arts on 57th St.

2. What are you looking for?

Option 2 recognizes that there are a lot of potential reasons one might want to go to an art store, and so the answer depends.

Does the person just want some paper or a simple ballpoint pen? Then the CVS on the corner will serve.

Does the person need office supplies? Then the Staples two blocks away will do the trick.

Maybe they want craft supplies. There's a Michael's on Northern Blvd.

If only a true art supplies store will do, then you can give recommendations - what part of the city do they want to go to?

Option 2 isn't necessarily better than Option 1. Sometimes it is worse - asking to many questions in the attempt to be helpful can be annoying.

When you are asked the "art supply store" question, the trick is knowing if the person wants an Option 1 or an Option 2 answer.

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