Thursday, May 5, 2011

Save $30 per month on your iPhone bill with AT&T

If you are on the Nation Unlimited plan with iPhone on AT&T, check your bill.

They've been charging me $99.99 per month for that plan, and when I compared it to my wife's recently, I discovered that she has the same exact plan for $69.99 per month.  They lowered the price on my plan well over a year ago and never bothered to ask me if I'd like to pay less.  Serves me right, I guess, for not checking the bill more carefully.

When I called up AT&T, at first they offered to backdate the $69 rate to the beginning of my current billing period.

Then when I asked to speak to a supervisor, they told me that they would go back three months, but that was as far as they were legally allowed to do.

Then I said, OK, fine, just please give me your names, because I want to write to the FCC and my Congressman and the Better Business Bureau and the Chairman and CEO of AT&T because it doesn't seem like a very good business practice, and perhaps even illegal price discrimination, to charge different people different rates for exactly the same plan.

After another 5 minutes on hold they agreed to backdate the $69 plan for a full year, for a $360 credit.  Not bad for 20 minutes on the phone.

Here's my old plan, and then my new plan:

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