Monday, May 16, 2011

Beer samples in shot glasses

For bars that pride themselves on their wide selection of beers on tap, I can't understand why they don't offer a beer sampler: get 6 shot glasses with the beer of your choice for, say, $6.

Makes it easy to sample their wide selection. Gets people tasting the beer and talking about the beer, and adds an element of fun.  To really make this work, you could have coasters for each of the beers on tap that would have a short description of how they are made and with what ingredients.

If you have to commit to a whole pint of beer, you're less likely to be adventurous than if you are just paying for a sip.

Then if a customer finds a beer that she particularly likes that is on tap at this bar but not at other ones in the area, it builds customer loyalty.

They could probably charge more per ounce of beer than if selling it by the pint, balanced by more work washing all those shot glasses.

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