Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why doesn't the NYPD stop this?

In a city so dependent on the media industry, one would think that the New York City Police Department would take the trouble to stop people from selling bootleg DVDs in the subway. It seems to me it wouldn't take much more than confiscating all the merchandise and issuing a summons to the vendor. After a few experiences losing all her goods, she would probably stop setting up stop at the 59th Street Stop.

From Innovation Bootcamp post Nov 1 2011

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  1. Well, who buys this stuff anyway? I just stream movies from Netflix or amazon. Chances are that the consumers who go through this channel are not likely to use other more expensive distribution channels anyway. And it would be an interesting analysis to see if a tourist who stays in NYC hotel and dines out in NYC does more damage to the cities business buying those DVDs than the business he brings the city....


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