Friday, January 6, 2012

Save 30% on New York City parking tickets

You can save 30% on most New York City parking tickets. When you get to the NYCService Center screen, instead of going directly to pay your parking ticket, select "Request a hearing for: Parking... Violations."

Once you enter your violation number from the ticket, you usually get offered a settlement of 70% of the ticketed amount, if you are willing to plead guilty and pay the fine. Then you accept the reduced amount and go back and then pay that. (It takes about 2 days for the system to update. So if you have a $45 ticket, you'll get a settlement of $32. If you go to immediately pay that ticket, it will still show as $45. But you can manually enter a payment amount of $32.)

This may not work if you delay more than 20 or 30 days in paying your ticket.

If New York City offered a "Frequent Violator" program, we wouldn't have Executive Platinum status, I'm happy to say, but we would probably be Gold or Silver. Maybe that would let us earn points so that the tenth violation would be free.


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