Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I think this is an interesting approach.

I looked at the sign and said to myself:
Cones - OK.
Burgers - OK
Fries - OK
Hot Dogs - OK
Sundaes - OK
Concretes - Huh?

I assume that is exactly the response that the marketing team hoped I would have. "What is a concrete? Is that a term I should know? Let me check it out and see what that is."

If all the other terms were also unfamiliar, it wouldn't work.

It didn't manage to lure me into the restaurant, but in case you are wondering, I did look it up on their website:

Q: What is a concrete?
A: A concrete starts with three scoops of Frozen Custard blended at high speed with any of our Shack-made mix-ins. Order one of our specialties or make your own!

From Innovation Bootcamp post Nov 1 2011

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