Sunday, April 29, 2012

What questions does your kid ask? Write them down

Got a kid? Does your kid ask questions?

Then write some of them down.

I do my best to field questions from my wonderful kids, and after seeing this blog post, I plan to start keeping track of those questions. Here are some questions that a four-year-old Robin Hanson asked:

How do snakes travel?
How does God make people?
How can God make make babies and help them grow?
What's inside my finger?
What moves my food from my mouth to my stomach?
How does my body use the food?
How is bread made? 

(above questions all within 15 minutes) 

How is paper made?
Why do daddies go to work?
How does a flashlight work?
What is the cat saying?
Why is she going outside?
When is Valentine's Day coming?
What do crocodiles eat?
What makes crocodiles happy? 

The first question I've captured so far from my daughter:

"Why does the moon keep following us?"


  1. Can people blink faster than the speed of sound? (L, age 6. this afternoon)

  2. In quick succession: “What time is the party? What time is it now? How do you trap wolves?”

    To be fair, between the second and third questions, we passed a sign for Wolf Trap Farm Park.


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