Thursday, April 19, 2012

My ebook downloaded 360 times so far

I was pretty surprised when I checked a couple days ago and found out that "The Storyteller's Tollbooth," the book I wrote my son for Christmas, has been downloaded 360 times. I would have been surprised by five downloads.

It still wasn't available on, though, even though Lulu seemed to indicate that it would be. So I went ahead and self-published the book on Amazon, via the Kindle Direct Publishing program. It is remarkably easy, and takes just a couple minutes to publish anything you've written. The minimum price you can charge, however, is 99 cents. They don't let you make it free. The advice that I found on the web, though, is to click on the "tell us about a lower price" link and include the B&N link, where the book is free. So I'll try that and see if Amazon lowers their price.

I haven't heard back from anyone who has downloaded the book, so I don't have any idea if anyone has actually read any of it. And there are no reviews, so I don't have any idea of anyone may have thought of it. (Other than my son, who enjoyed being a character in a book written by his dad.) So it is interesting to feel firsthand the experience that I imagine many authors get when the book is released into the world.

You can get the book at
Barnes & Noble


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From Screen Capture

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