Thursday, October 6, 2011

Save 10% at FEDEX

Went to FEDEX this week to send off a document.  I wanted to include a prepaid overnight mailer so that the recipient would be able to ship it right back to me. The interaction with the sales rep (given below) was a lesson in how NOT to upsell, but the final lesson that I learned is: if you want to ship something with FEDEX, just open an account with them. All it takes is give them your ID and a credit card, and you immediately get 10% off list price.

FEDEX Office sales rep: We don't have prepaid mailers.

Me: Oh, OK, is there any way that I can make this happen?

FEDEX: Well, do you have a FEDEX account?

Me: No

FEDEX: Then you'll have to put your credit card info on this mailer.

Me: I'd rather not do that if I can help it, I mean, I don't know exactly who is going to see this mailer at the recipient. Is there any other way?

FEDEX: You'd have to open an account.

Me: Oh, OK, well, what would that take?

FEDEX: Do you have an ID and a credit card?

Me: Uh, yes. I usually do carry those with me.

FEDEX: Okay, that's all it takes.  I'll create an account for you right now.  With an account, you'll actually save about two dollars on this mailer.

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