Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to set up and run your own consulting firm: event on October 11, 2011

Have you considered starting your own consulting firm?  You are not alone.

More and more professionals are establishing their own independent consulting practices. A variety of factors make it more feasible than ever:

+ More and more alums from top tier consulting firms have joined their clients in industry. These executives with a consulting background are more comfortable hiring and managing independent consultants without the support structure of a big firm.
+ Technology makes it easier than ever to stay connected, build your own brand, and set up your own shop with your own branded email, etc.
+ Firms such as Business Talent Group play a valuable intermediary role in connecting the right talent to client needs

My own strategy and operations consulting firm is now in its fourth year of operation. In addition to running my own firm, I've built Consulting Village, a network of more than 150 other independent management consultants. I regularly use this group to find subcontractors as required, and I hope the other members find it helpful as well.

On October 11th, I'm going to lead / facilitate a free discussion in New York City on how you can start up and run your own firm. The presentation will be based on my own experience as well as a survey I conducted of the members of Consulting Village. The event will be highly interactive.

Topics we'll cover:
+ Practical matters (LLC, branded email with Google Apps, health insurance, templates for contracts)
+ How to generate business: what seems to work, and what doesn't
+ Negotiating fees 
+ Taking charge of your own ongoing professional development
+ Other topics by request

Event details:
Title: How to start and run your own consulting firm
Date: October 11, 2011
Location: TBD. I'm looking for a spot that we can use for free. If your company would be interested in hosting, please let me know.
Time: 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. (Mingle time from 6:30 - 7:00 p.m.)

To attend:
+  The event is free, but please leave a comment to this blog post if you would like to attend so we'll have a headcount and so I can send you the location details. If you have any questions or topics you'd like to see covered, please let me know in your comment. 

+  If you are interested in seeing the written materials but can't attend in person, in your comment write "Request materials" along with your email address.

+  If you are an independent consultant and would like to join Consulting Village, follow this link:

Consulting skills
This event will be focused on setting up a firm and generating business, not on teaching actual consulting skills.  Last May I ran a Consulting Bootcamp that was focused on building consulting skills, and a summary of what we discussed that day can be downloaded here:

About The Bachman Group, LLC:
The Bachman Group is a strategy and operations consulting firm that has served over 15 clients on 4 continents across a range of industries including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, manufacturing, financial services, for-profit education, private equity, and high tech.


  1. It's very helpful of you to extend this.

    Thank you,

    Dan Friedman

  2. This will be an very interesting event. Unfortunately, being located on the west coast I will not be able to attend.
    Request for material - 6inlux@gmail.com


  3. As usual, well thought out, and I'm sure, well organized event. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend.

    Request materials. tanuja.tp@gmail.com


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