Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to start and run your own consulting firm

Here is the presentation I gave last night at Columbia Business School.

For those who attended, I particularly appreciate the critical feedback.  I consider your feedback a gift, and I'll be taking it into account in revisions to this material should I be asked to give a talk like this again.

On that note, I'm open to giving on talk like this in other venues: if you'd like to have me speak to an organization you are involved in, let me know.  Email:

To join Consulting Bootcamp on LinkedIn:

We made an amateur audio and video recording of the talk, and I'll post those within the next few days once I have time to get them uploaded.

You are welcome to share, reuse, and remix this material - a link back to Innovation Bootcamp would be a nice touch.

Here is a PDF version. It is 6.4MB. The PPT version is below.

You should not have to pay to download these files; please let me know if you have any problems downloading them.

Click on the DOWNLOAD button, not the DocStoc button. You should not have to register with DocStoc.

How to start and run your own consulting firm -  

And here is a Powerpoint version. Note that this is ~11MB so may take longer to download.

How to start and run your own consulting firm -

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  1. Excellent and comprehensive. Not just the 'how' of starting a consulting firm but also the 'why'. Not full of blithe motivational platitudes, and not much on how to actually *do* the consulting, but still a realistic and therefore very useful checklist.


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