Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What you look for is what you see

This week I've had the common experience of reading about something and then noticing it everywhere.  After reading the NYT article "Battery Power Gives Deliveryman a Boost, at a Cost," I've noticed five of these battery-powered bikes parked outside of restaurants.  I don't think I had even seen them before, despite the fact that I'm always try to pay attention to my environment as I walk around the streets of New York.  These experiences always make me wonder: how much else am I missing?

The battery-powered bikes — which can travel faster than a pedal-powered bike and, let’s not forget, don’t need to be pedaled — are revolutionizing the trade of delivering Chinese food in Manhattan by extending the range for restaurants and speeding up the service.
The bikes have brought a small measure of ease to a profession that is virtually cornered by poor Chinese immigrants.
But the electric bikes have also caused problems: they are illegal to use on city streets, and their proliferation has led to controversy about how to regulate them.
A couple that I've seen since I read the article:

From Innovation Bootcamp

From Innovation Bootcamp

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