Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Modern marketing at church

Walking by the New York Public Library, I was offered a free granola bar:

From Innovation Bootcamp

The granola bar came with a flyer inviting me to attend a session this coming Sunday at the Journey Church, "a casual, contemporary, Christian church with four campuses in metro New York City." 

From Innovation Bootcamp

The "contemporary" label includes a contemporary approach to marketing.  Based on prices at Wal-Mart, the granola bars cost about a quarter a piece, and definitely increased the percentage of passers-by that accepted the handout.  If the outreach committee at Journey Church hasn't read Influence by Cialdini, they are at least following the principle of reciprocity. We want to reciprocate when we receive a free gift, and the granola bar recipients are probably much more likely to read the flyer and consider attending that if they had received the flyer alone, even though granola bars don't have much to do with theology.

From Innovation Bootcamp

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