Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We've cut the cord

We said goodbye to cable about a year ago.  For a while we researched various options, including the Apple TV.  We finally bought a Mac mini, which has worked out well so far.  Quitting cable saves around $700 per year.

With the Mac, we can watch Netflix or movies on a DVD.

For the very few TV shows that get watched in our house, we use Hulu.

We also use it to play music on iTunes or, more frequently now, Pandora.

We also got rid of the landline phone a few years ago.  No one ever called us on it except a few telemarketers, and we never checked the messages.  I'm surprised now when someone does have a landline.  Maybe it makes sense if you have very bad cellphone coverage in your house, or a calling plan with a tight limit on minutes.

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