Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Remarkable customer service from Skooba

I have a laptop backpack that I love made by Skooba that I bought on eBags.com.  Far better on my spine, I believe, that a one-shoulder laptop bag, even if it makes me look like a nerd.  My favorite part is how you can unzip it and send it through the scanner at the airport without taking the laptop out of the bag.

A zipper on it failed, and I was amazed at their customer service in getting the issue resolved.  When I emailed them about it, I got this email back within one hour:

Dear Mr. Bachman:

I apologize for the zipper problem you have developed with our backpack.  I want to make this as easy and painless as possible.  So… I will get a replacement sent to you this afternoon along with a return label for the defective one.  With the understanding that if we do not get the defective backpack back within a week, you will supply  a credit card number for us to charge you for the new bag.  I hope you understand – we usually require the credit card information before we ship  a replacement but we do not want to put you out any more than necessary.  Again, my apologies and please confirm this is acceptable to you?  Thank you.



From Innovation Bootcamp

From Innovation Bootcamp

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