Sunday, April 3, 2011

A simple project plan template

I created this simple project plan template for a project where Microsoft Project or similar software would be overkill.

And a Gantt chart wouldn't really serve either.  A Gantt chart puts all the text down the left hand side and then wastes a lot of space with bars that don't convey much information.  Useful in some contexts.

But we wanted one poster-sized sheet that would allow us to track all the major actions and deliverables week by week.

With this template, you can look vertically and see everything that is happening (or supposed to be happening) in a given week.  And you can look horizontally and see everything that is happening chronologically with a given initiative.

We've pinned the poster (eight sheets - two landscape sheets across and four down, taped together) in the project owner's office and use it to hold our briefings each week.

Simple project plan template -

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