Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Worthless endorsements on LinkedIn

LinkedIn realized that the "Recommendation" feature required too much work. Not many people wrote them, and not many people read them.

So they created an alternative: "Endorsements." But it seems that they've gone too far in the opposite direction by making it too easy to endorse someone.

They might have done more to consult some economists and psychologists before implementing the new system.

Some people are running around endorsing everyone they are connected to, in hopes that those endorsed will reciprocate.

I've had people endorse me that have never worked with me, and have no idea whether I'm competent or not.

The currency has been devalued so that it is worthless.

LinkedIn might have provided the currency of endorsements with some value by creating artificial scarcity. You only get, say, five endorsements per month to hand out.  Then they would have some value.

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