Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Your morning self

One trick that has helped me as I work towards becoming a daily runner:

Don't let your morning self decide whether to go running.  The evening self gets to decide.

If you accept the somewhat artificial construct that there is not one of you but multiple, competing yous duking it out inside your head, battling for control, it is easier to change habits.

My morning self is usually tired, and stiff, and doesn't want to run.  If I were deciding in the moment whether to go running or not, I rarely would.

Instead, I decide the night before.

Then, in the morning, when my morning self objects, I treat that morning self like a junior staffer at a meeting of senior execs: "Sorry Morning Self, but you don't get a vote.  We recognize that you don't feel like it, but the decision from the CEO has already been made. Lace up!"

Bonus hint: going to sleep in your running shorts and tee-shirt makes it even easier.

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