Saturday, June 2, 2012

Who needs to be able to write?

I was chatting with a home inspector recently. He charges $400 per inspection, and generally fits in two per day, sometimes three. He is so busy that he doesn't bother advertising: if he does advertise, he gets more calls that he can handle.

Not a bad living for a living that doesn't require a college degree, any significant capital investment, or following a boss's orders.  If he can average two inspections per day, that is $4,000 per week, or $200,000 per year. Assuming some slow periods throughout the year, and a home inspector could at least be making $100-150K.

He'd like to hire some people and send them out on inspections. But the biggest hurdle is: he can't find people who can write. After each inspection, he produces an inspection report. And almost every candidate he interviews can't write a page that isn't filled with spelling and grammatical errors.

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