Monday, September 20, 2010

The power of the default choice

Seth Godin had a post over the weekend on the importance of buttons, defaults, and cues (with the example of credit cards on taxis in NYC, where the lowest default tip is $2.)

I encountered another example today when I was ordering some new checks from Deluxe.

The rep asked me, "Would you like two boxes, or would you like to save money on shipping by ordering four boxes?"

Me: "Is two boxes the minimum order?" I asked?

Deluxe: "No, you can order one box."

Me: "Do I get a volume discount by buying two boxes instead of one?"

Deluxe: "No."

Me: "How many checks come in a box?"

Deluxe: "150"

Me: "OK, that's about a three year supply. I'll take one box."

And then the default style of check I was offered cost $10 more than plain checks, which are perfectly fine with me. And I'm comfortable with non-expedited shipping. So a $120 order became a $35 order.

Next step: ask my bank to absorb this fee since I'm such a good customer. (They did last time I asked.)

What default choices do you offer your customers?

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