Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Struggle: Which one are you?

Are you the one pushing the rock up the hill?  Or the naysayer, the doubter, the hole-poker, the one saying "we've tried that before," "that will never work here," "that's already a very crowded market," "this industry is different"?

A tiny percent of us are the ones pushing the rock up.

A larger percentage are blocking progress.

But most of us play both roles at the same time.  We come up with creative ideas that could transform our lives or our business, and then we make excuses.  "They" won't approve it.  I don't have time.  It isn't in the budget.  If this idea was so good, someone would have thought of it already.

This sculpture, which I saw at a corporate office, is titled "The Struggle."  

The biggest struggle we face is against our own internal resistance.  Fight that resistance.  Seth Godin's recent book Linchpin is a manifesto for those who are fighting that fight.

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