Monday, April 19, 2010

Exercise: Apply for your own job

Let's say you are about to interview for a new job which you are very excited about and think would be a great next step in your career.

You'd probably research the company and its competitors, read the annual reports, read any analyst reports you can get your hands on. You'd prepare for the typical questions such as:

What relevant experience do you bring to this role?

What would you hope to accomplish in your first three months?

How will you measure your success?

What opportunities for improvement do you see for own company/department and how will you help us capture them?

Try this exercise: Apply for your own job. Do the industry research that you'd do if you were really applying. Think through your answers to questions like the ones above. Imagine the entire conversation you would have with your current boss if you were applying for your own position.

Well, you're hired. Now go do those things you just said you would do.

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