Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Harvard seeks to catch up in the open courseware arena

A couple weeks ago I wondered why Harvard has lagged behind in the open courseware movement among top schools.

An article today says that Harvard and MIT are teaming up with a $60 million initiative, creating a venture called edX.

Harvard will be piggybacking on MITx, the platform the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed for its own MOOCs, the universities jointly announced on Wednesday. The combined venture will be a nonprofit called edX. Harvard and MIT together have committed $60 million to the project, which is likely more than the combined venture funds raised by CourseraUdacity and Khan Academy.

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Inside Higher Ed 

When do I get to see re-runs of VES 107? (If Harvard wants an alumni contribution from me, that would be a good place to start.)

HT to Zach Schrag.

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