Monday, November 28, 2011

What is going on in this advertisement?

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I'm trying to figure out what is going on in this advertisement by Lufthansa on the back cover of a Fast Company magazine.

The woman is taking a picture of herself with an iPhone 4, but she is taking a picture with the rear camera.

It isn't that easy to frame a good picture of yourself with a camera phone, particularly with an iPhone where you have to hit the shutter button just so with your finger. So any iPhone 4 user would almost certainly use the front facing camera. That way, you can see the image as you frame it up, and you can also more easily see the button to take the photo.

She ought to have the back of the camera toward us. Of course, then it wouldn't be so obvious what she is doing.

So any iPhone 4 user who sees this ad, even if they don't really think it through, may feel that something is off, and sense the lack of authenticity.

I sympathize with the ad designer, though: how do you show in an ad someone using the Internet?

My solution would have been to draw the reader in; tell more of a story. Instead of just showing the woman, show the text messages back and forth to her significant other (who may be waiting for her on the ground.) Or show a whole field of text messages from the air.

Might not show the message that probably gets sent most frequently, something like: "Hey, my flight was delayed 2 hrs. New ETA for pikup at baggage claim is 9 pm."

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