Saturday, October 30, 2010

Message to Delta Airlines management

On the 6 a.m. flight last Monday, it was great that the pilot, in his initial announcement, told us that he would be refraining from any unnecessary announcements during the flight. None of the "we are now passing over Ithaca and getting ready to take a left..."

When he told the passengers that "we recognize that many of you will be trying to catch up on some sleep or get some work done, so we'll refrain from any unnecessary announcements," I figured that we'd have some peace and quiet in the back.

So it was a little surprising when the flight attendants, halfway through the flight, made an announcement that they had snacks for sale and in honor of breast cancer awareness month were offering pink martinis for $7. Pink martinis at 7 a.m. on the one-hour flight from New York to Detroit? How many of those have you sold? Was it worth making up 50 passengers every morning to make that sale?

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