Sunday, June 6, 2010

How do you respond?

Emily works at a garden nursery. A customer walks up to Emily and asks, "Do you have any rosemary plants? I've looked through all the herbs in the section up front and can't find any."

Emily has a few possible options on how to respond:
A. "We have a big section of herbs way in the back. Let me take you there and let's see if we can find some for you."

B. "We have a big section of herbs way in the back. It's in the far right corner, back there past the marigolds. Do you see it? You might be able to find some back there."

C. "We must be sold out. The woman who takes care of the herbs just went through and refilled the stock up front, so if you don't see any there, we don't have it."

If you are Emily, how do you respond?

If Emily works for you, how do you want her to respond? Have you given Emily permission to be remarkable?

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  1. If it were just these three options, I would probably choose option A if it was permissible (assuming Emily isn't the only employee in the store with 30 people in line behind the customer, etc).

    Another option would be to indicate you are pretty confident that there are some in the store in a section at the back - and you would be willing to go take a look with the customer if they would like.

    The small detail in difference here is that the customer declared they searched every herb in the section, so you need to be careful not to imply they are wrong and put them on the defensive. And asking permission allows the customer to decide.


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